Dynamic Process Model

When there is a direction of flow, resources involved in order to deliver a product or a service, TIME is one of the critical factors to consider that make a difference in the process performance and should be considered in order to do a proper analysis. For example, think about a traffic jam in a […]

Business Reorganization

The corporate information system aims to collect, elaborate and redistribute data to the stakeholders in a very granular manner. For this reason, the information system and corporate architecture are extremely related. Any change in the corporate structure, therefore, risks causing discrepancies between the real process and the one implemented in the corporate information system. A […]

Why using a standard

Many companies associate their names with universally recognized quality standards, such as McDonald’s or Mercedes. Maintaining such a high standard of the final product or service is essential to ensure customer satisfaction. One way to ensure the standard process is to ensure the standards in the processes. This can be done in two ways: by […]