Any product or service is delivered by processes, therefore documentation and improvement of your processes are some of the critical success factors to impact the bottom-line performance.

You will learn how to capitalize on the power of technology.

Dynamic Process Modelling and Process Mining are the most powerful existing technologies in the market in order to Discover, Analyse, and Improve your processes.

THINKING SOLUTIONS is an active partner of iGrafx and Apromore Pty Ldl.

iGrafx: leader in digital transformation software solutions, from customer journeys to corporate compliance to automating business processes. The purpose is to ensures that goals are prioritized and executed, and ROI is achieved.

Apromore: the collaborative business process analytics platform developed by the Melbourne’s Business Process Management (BPM) Team , supporting the full suite of process mining functionality, from automated process discovery through to predictive process intelligence.

Thanks to the experience of the team in combination with the best technologies/software solutions available in the world, let THINKING SOUTIONS be very effective in improving the bottom-line results of our customers

Let try and be surprised!